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This association was founded in September 2013 with various companies, universities and public research institutes coming together for the sole purpose of creating manufacturing technology to produce next-generation biopharmaceuticals that meet international standards.

In the therapeutic antibody modality, the second phase R&D project has been completed in FY2020, and from FY2021, we are working on the 5-year project “Project Focused on Developing key technology for discovering and manufacturing drugs for next-generation treatment and diagnosis".
In the gene and cell therapy modality, we have been working on a project entitled "Research and Development of New Technologies on Large Scale Production of Viral Vectors for Gene and Cell Therapy" since FY2018.
Furthermore, a new initiative, "Program on R&D of new generation vaccine including new modality application " has been started from FY2022.
As before, we will further develop various original technologies at companies in addition to fundamental research at universities and public research institutions, whilst we integrate these technologies to create world class biopharmaceutical production technology.

Currently 32 companies, 6 universities, 2 National research and development agencies, 3 Organizations, in addition to many re-entrustment universities, have gathered as one team, and we are actively promoting initiatives that unite the industry, government and academia.

Our mission is to contribute to pharmaceutical manufacturing technologies which helps patients and their families in difficult times. This can be achieved by organically accumulating Japanese excellent manufacturing skills and completing robust bio-pharmaceutical manufacturing technology aimed at practical applications.

This requires close collaboration with industry, government and academia and cannot be achieved without the support of pharmaceutical industry.

I appreciate your continued support from every aspects.

Representative Director Koichi Nakao Representative Director
Koichi Nakao

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